Home Skilled Nursing Care

Red Ohioans Home Health Care nurse uniform and stethoscope.

Our Skilled Nursing Services

Nutrition Counseling

A balanced diet is essential, especially if you live with a chronic health condition. Eating the right foods provides your body with the nutrients it needs to stay strong. Our nutrition counseling services are provided by a registered dietician who will assess your dietary restrictions and create an appropriate meal plan.

Cardiac Care

Living with heart disease or recovering from heart surgery requires regular assessment and care. Your nurse or therapist will work closely with you to address the physical and mental effects of your cardiac condition. Our in-home cardiac services include rehabilitation, education, counseling and physical activity.

Medication Management

Taking your medication as prescribed optimizes its effectiveness. Our medication management includes education on side effects, administration and monitoring. Those services can help relieve the pressure of juggling multiple medications and to ensure you don’t miss a dose.

Respiratory Assessment

In-home respiratory care helps you breathe comfortably and maintain your quality of life. We offer thorough respiratory assessments to determine what type of therapy and equipment you need to optimize your breathing.

Disease Education

Learning about your medical condition or disease can help you understand how to live with it comfortably. Rely on the expertise of our clinical staff to provide you and your loved ones with information about symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation and disease progression. They’re also available to answer questions and discuss community resources.

Pediatric Care

In-home pediatric care can help ease the stress associated with treatment, allowing your child to feel calm and relaxed. We specialize in working with children to provide care in a relaxed and friendly manner. Our services include wound care, pain management, IV therapy, chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition.

Wound Care

Proper wound care promotes efficient healing and reduces the risk of infection. Our wound care services include assessment, dressing application and disposal, wound vac management and antibiotic treatment.

What To Expect from Ohioans Skilled Nursing

Most clinical issues require hospitalization or care in a skilled nursing facility. Once you’ve been discharged, a social worker will help you define your options for home healthcare.

Here’s how Ohioans establishes service:

  1. You’ll speak with a representative from Ohioans to determine if we can address your clinical needs. Our team can also conduct bedside visits.
  2. Your social worker or discharge planner will send your insurance and medical information to us to verify that you meet the criteria for home healthcare.
  3. A member of the Ohioans’ team will visit you within 24 to 48 hours after discharge.
  4. A clinical intake nurse will call to confirm your address and medical needs and answer questions before starting care.
  5. Our care coordination team will schedule the first visit once your information is confirmed.

The Ohioans Difference

Convenience and Consistency

You can lead a healthier, more independent life when you receive top-rated skilled nursing services in the comfort of your home. Working with Ohioans means you’ll never have to worry if you’ll receive care or support on time. Timeliness and consistency are built into the bones of our team.

A Friendly Approach

It’s important to feel comfortable with your care team so you can work together to produce the best health outcomes. Each skilled nurse is well-versed in building quality relationships that support the caregiver-patient dynamic. You’ll always be welcomed with a smile and genuine interest in your well-being.

High Acuity Management

Having a team trained to handle high-acuity conditions can help you manage your symptoms and comfort. We offer this type of in-home skilled nursing if you require a more advanced level of care to manage a severe medical condition. You never have to face recovery alone when you work with Ohioans Home Healthcare and Hospice.

Expertly Trained Staff

You will work with a team that’s trained in patient-centric service. Our nurses can address a variety of clinical needs and must maintain specific certifications to hone their skills. They also complete competency evaluations for safety, clinical practices and compliance.

Care Coordination

Communication is key to ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes. Our skilled nurses will work closely with your physicians and specialists to keep your team informed of your progress. If you require adjustments to your care, we will make sure your doctors are kept in the loop. Taking that responsibility off your shoulders means you can focus your energy on treatment or rehabilitation.

Skilled Nursing FAQs

You may qualify for in-home skilled nursing if:

  • You’re homebound.
  • You require intermittent clinical care.
  • You require physical, occupational or speech therapy.
  • You’ve been prescribed a care plan by your physician.

You’re recovering from an illness, injury, surgery or hospitalization.

[need answer from the client. I know it’s tricky to answer this.]

Skilled nursing provides a higher level of clinical service. Assistance with activities of daily living is included in skilled nursing services and additional staff are available to address your medical needs. Skilled nursing is usually a short-term service designed to help you recover from an illness or injury.

You will work with a social worker or discharge planner to find and contact skilled nursing agencies if you’re hospitalized. You can also contact an agency if you’re a patient from the community. You must have an in-person appointment with your doctor and meet home health criteria.