New Patients

New home healthcare patient receiving care from an Ohioans employee.


Our company realizes that our patients must rely on a variety of insurance coverage plans for their medical needs.

Covers 100% of homecare services for a 60-day episode of care, with the ability to be extended if deemed medically necessary. To qualify for Medicare-covered home healthcare, the following criteria must be met:

  • The healthcare organization must be a Medicare-certified agency
  • A patient’s physician must create a plan of care and review their progress according to that plan
  • Physician must write skilled nursing orders, certifying the patient requires intermittent skilled services
  • Patient must be homebound during skilled nursing care. Click here to see criteria for homebound status and more information on Medicare guidelines

This federal and state program has income requirements. Medicaid will cover homecare services at 100%, and does not require the patient to be homebound to qualify for skilled nursing care coverage.

Private Insurance
Many private insurance plans cover homecare. Ohioans Home Healthcare participates in most major commercial, state and local insurance plans. To see if we participate in your plan, please call us at 855-600-0806.

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Beginning the Patient Experience

Receiving quality care at home is just a phone call away. Our team is here to answer your questions, ready to create a customized plan for your recovery or to simply help you remain independent at home.

During an initial call with our representative, we will gather patient information such as primary physician, insurance information and the amount of healthcare services needed. If there has not been a recent visit to a physician, one may be needed to begin our services.

We will contact your primary physician to gather the information necessary to begin your treatment. Once the need for home healthcare is confirmed and skilled services orders are completed, we will schedule an in-home assessment with an RN case manager. The case manager will work with your physician to complete a plan of care to help you meet and exceed your home healthcare goals.

Ohioans employee answering a call from a patient.

Hospital or Skilled Nursing

Patients currently at a skilled nursing facility or hospital who have been recommended home healthcare services have the right to request an agency of their choice. Should you choose Ohioans, our community representatives can meet with the patient or family to discuss the transition back to home.

To facilitate the best possible outcome, our preference is to begin your care within 24 hours of discharge from the facility. Your RN case manager will ensure all services and equipment are ordered to make your transition to home as seamless as possible.

To arrange an assessment or consultation, call us at one of our local branches or toll-free at 855.600.0806 or email us at One of our team members will review your inquiry and explain our services to you.

Nurse performing home healthcare services for new patient.

Patient Testimonials

I had a hip replacement and Ohioans sent Nurse Tiffany, PT person Julie, and Erin to help me recover. They are the very best, awesome, friendly, kind people; it made recovery much easier. I’m doing so much better. So glad they were sent to help me and I am grateful. Thank you again for all you did.
– Linda

My name is Cheryl and I was receiving services from Ohioans Home Health in May and June of this year. Jerica was my primary nurse but Tiffany came one time in her place. I can’t even express how happy I was with their care. They always came through my door with a pleasant and cheery disposition and we had short exchanges of enjoyable conversation. More than anything, I was so pleased with their professionalism and the knowledge that they both have in their field of expertise. I usually had questions and they were able to answer all of them! At one point Jerica told me, “I have a feeling that you are one we need to say…Slow down!” I was trying to do too much and she was absolutely right. I did follow her advice and it took me a few days to recover from overdoing it! There was another instance when I was a little confused on how to take my meds and she made it clear to me!. These ladies are to be commended for the fantastic services they provide for their patients! There were two instances that I needed to call the 24 hour Hotline and they were so understanding, patient, and helped me come up with solutions to my concerns! I work in a nursing home in Lima, Ohio and I will be sure to highly recommend Ohioans Home Health Care!
– Cheryl

I unexpectedly needed short-term home health care after a hospitalization. Nurse Amanda was incredible, and not just because we share a first name. She was personable, friendly, professional, and experienced. Basically everything I could ask for in a nurse after a challenging health issue. Despite the necessity, I was nervous about having someone in my home due to COVID; she took all the necessary precautions and I felt like not only was she protecting me, but she was appropriately protecting herself and the other patients she would see after me. I also had to use the emergency number twice, once at 3 am on a Sunday, and I received friendly and knowledgeable service. I hope I don’t need home health again soon, but if I do, I will call Ohioans and will refer them to others.
– Amanda B.

I highly recommend your agency to family and friends. Both my nurse Jen and physical therapist Jennifer were very professional. I have to admit I was uncomfortable at first at the thought of having nursing and therapy, but they made me feel at ease!

Excellent service from nurse Barbara Kelly. She was thoughtful, knowledgeable, punctual, and very responsive when we texted questions. Among many health care providers with whom we have interacted over the years, I would rate Nurse Kelly among the very best.
– Kenneth D.

I needed home visits for about 6 weeks for blood draws and nutrition through a picc line during my recovery from a bleeding ulcer. The home nurse, Jennifer was very helpful both with the TPN/picc line training and teaching me how to properly maintain the picc line during and between treatment. I was able to do my medication through the picc line on my own after a few days, and it seemed overwhelming when I first started. Jennifer was very helpful through the whole process. I would strongly recommend Ohioans HHC to anyone needing home health care.
– Dan E.

I recently had surgery with some major complications afterwards. Upon leaving the hospital/physical therapy facility, they “assigned” me a home care nurse. Barb was super great. She let me know exactly what days and times she would be coming. This whole Covid-19 thing is/was going on while I was in her care and she always showed up wearing the proper PPE and showed a genuine concern for my health and well being as well as my family’s and pets well-being. Couldn’t be happier with Barb!
– Kay B.

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Choosing a home health agency is an important decision. Let us help you determine if home healthcare with Ohioans is the right choice for you! If you would like to speak to a representative about your specific needs please call us at 855-600-0806.

I live in an out-of-the-way place. Does Ohioans serve my area?
Ohioans provides home healthcare for patients in several counties throughout Ohio and southeastern Michigan, including the following communities: Toledo, Sandusky, Cincinnati, Lima, Bryan, Dayton, Mansfield, and Ann Arbor. Our highly trained clinical staff lives and works in the communities we service. Click here to see if we cover your area.

Is my health care information secure with you?
Ohioans is committed to protecting your privacy, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We will never share your personal health care information with any unauthorized party.

Do I qualify for home healthcare services?
Home Healthcare is provided on an intermittent basis, and can be utilized by people of all ages with a variety of conditions. This includes those who are discharged from a hospital or nursing home but need additional care, people who have short-term health needs such as an IV or post-surgical wound care or thearpy, and people who need assistance due to age or disability to remain at home. There are different qualification requirements based on your insurance provider. If you would like to receive further information based on your insurance plan or would like an in-home assessement please contact us at 855-600-0806.

Who pays for home healthcare?
Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance Policies cover all or a portion of care provided by certified home health care agencies. Ohioans accepts Medicare, Ohio Medicaid and most private insurance policies. We would be happy to check eligibility and inform you about coverage if you are interested in beginning home healthcare services.

What services are covered under my Medicare benefit?
In general Medicare will cover intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services, and occupational therapy. Services that Medicare does not cover are 24-hour-a-day care at home, meals delivered to your home, homemaker services, and personal care.

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