In-Home Pediatric Care

Red Ohioans Home Health Care nurse uniform and stethoscope.

Benefits of In-Home Pediatric Care

Specialized Treatment

Your child’s medical condition and needs are unique and should receive customized care to address them. At-home treatment allows your child to get clinical attention to help them manage their health and live comfortably. We provide comprehensive assessments and screenings to determine the right services for them.

Improved Comfort and Recovery

Treatment in a facility may be daunting to a child. In-home pediatric care can reduce the anxiety associated with clinical services, helping them recover from illness, injury and surgery more efficiently. Receiving their treatment or therapy at home can put your child at ease because they’ll be surrounded by parents, siblings, pets, toys and other familiar items during our visits.

Consistent Care

We provide in-home clinical care for children based on an established schedule. You can count on your Ohioans team to be on time and prepared for every visit. That consistency allows us to optimize your child’s treatment and recovery. Your child will work with a dedicated nurse who’s well-versed in their specific needs. The nurse will also provide education and resources to help you support your child’s rehabilitation between visits.

Free Time

Your time with your child is precious. We will shoulder the responsibility of their medical needs so you can focus on what’s important – letting them be a kid. In-home appointments eliminate the need to coordinate transportation or adjust your work schedule. We bring the care to you, so you don’t have to spend time getting in and out of a facility.

What to Expect from Ohioans In-Home Pediatric Services

Your child’s doctor must prescribe in-home pediatric services. You may also receive instructions for short-term care if your child is coming from a hospital or in-patient setting.

In-home pediatric services are based on physician’s reports, so our team will review your child’s records and current condition to create a custom care plan. Our team will continue to monitor and report your child’s progress to their physician.

The frequency of our visits is based on your child’s needs, insurance coverage and the time needed to teach you how to administer care.

What Sets Ohioans Apart

A Passion for Pediatric Care

Our dedicated nurses have a passion for pediatric patients. They specialize in working with children of all ages and providing unique interactions to make them feel comfortable.

High Acuity Capabilities

Each child has specific needs and some require more hands-on support. Our nurses handle higher acuity conditions, including patients with severe illnesses and injuries.

Services for Various Ages

We work with patients from infants to seniors and have experience in handling different health conditions. Our in-home pediatric services are designed to suit your child’s needs regardless of their age.

Injury Recovery

Your child may require care due to an injury, accident or isolated incident. You can count on our pediatric nurses to ensure your child’s comfort and help them recover.

Care Coordination

Utilize our team as a resource for information and connection to your child’s physician. Your nurse will work with your child’s doctors to carry out their care plan so you don’t have to keep contacting them to get information and answers.

In-home pediatric care is medical treatment and rehabilitation designed for infants and children. Trained and licensed professionals provide services in the comfort of your home and help your child recover from injury, illness, surgery or hospitalization. In-home pediatric care may include therapeutic services, monitoring and assessment, care coordination, education and emotional support.

Your child may qualify for in-home pediatric care if they have a chronic health condition, complex medical needs or disability that requires monitoring. Recent surgery or injury may also mandate intensive in-home clinical services. Geographic and travel factors may also influence the need for in-home care, especially if your child has limited mobility.

It depends on your policy. Ohioans offers short-term skilled care, so our case managers will work with you to determine your coverage options.