Home Healthcare Services

Red Ohioans Home Health Care nurse uniform and stethoscope.

Why Home Healthcare Services are Important

Bringing Clinical Services to Your Home Sweet Home.

Home healthcare services are designed with convenience in mind. Access clinical care without worrying about transportation, mobility concerns, managing medical equipment or sitting in waiting rooms.

Receiving in-home rehab and therapy services reduces the stress associated with those obstacles. You get to stay in a familiar environment while you receive the treatment you need to promote quality of life.

You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated nurse to develop a personalized routine to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our Home Healthcare Services

Cardiac Care

Our home healthcare services include postoperative cardiac care. Our nurses perform regular vitals checks and monitor for chest pain, high blood pressure and swelling. We will also educate you and your loved ones on the symptoms of cardiac problems.

Disease Education

Understanding your chronic medical condition helps you manage them. Part of your nurse’s responsibility includes educating you about the progression of diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes, renal failure, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and other conditions.

Hospice Care

Ohioans in-home hospice staff are available to support you and your family during healthcare transitions. Our team of nurses coordinates with your physician, specialists, counselors and other medical staff to ensure proper end-of-life care.

Medication Management

We will help you adhere to a medication schedule as prescribed by your physician or specialist. Our home health care aides will monitor medication compliance, set up IV therapy and administer injections if needed. They can also educate you and your caregivers on medication management best practices.

Nutrition Counseling

We can help you adhere to dietary restrictions based on your needs. Ohioans also offers weight monitoring to track your wellness progress. We also offer intravenous nutrition assistance, such as TPN and tube feeding.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained to educate you and your caregivers on how to safely complete daily activities, such as dressing and bathing. They also determine if you need medical equipment to aid in movement.

Pediatric Care

A family-centric approach is essential to quality in-home pediatric care. We’re experts in infant and child medical care and are trained to address a variety of diagnoses and special needs. Pediatric services include wound care, pain management, parenteral nutrition and post-surgical care.

Physical Therapy

We’re contracted with experienced physical therapists who work on range of motion, flexibility, mobility and balance. They offer assessments and specialize in enhancing your safety at home to maintain your independence.

Respiratory Assessment

There are a variety of health conditions that could affect your respiratory health. Our team will provide you with the information and assistance to manage respiratory illnesses, such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, asthma and obstructive sleep apnea. They also offer instruction on using inhalers, aerosol machines and oxygen equipment.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing supplies you with intensive clinical support, including injections, medication administration and wound care. Our skilled nursing staff also assist with surgery recovery, chronic condition management and long-term rehabilitation.

Speech-Language Pathology

Our speech therapists help manage conditions that affect your ability to speak and swallow, such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, head injury and dementia. This type of in-home therapy includes motor function training, speech development and cognitive exercises.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our trained clinicians create individualized home healthcare plans to help you meet your medical and health goals. Our therapy and rehabilitation services address the needs of your mind and body to help you maintain or improve your quality of life.

Wound Care

Wounds can be caused by injury, surgery or underlying health conditions. Keeping your wound clean and dry promotes healing. Our staff changes dressings, completes wound vac therapy and monitors for signs of infection. We also offer dressing supplies and order wound vacs when necessary.

The Ohioans Difference

Care Coordination

Communication is key to ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes. Our skilled nurses will work closely with your physicians and specialists to keep your team informed of your progress. If you require adjustments to your care, we will make sure your doctors are kept in the loop. Taking that responsibility off your shoulders means you can focus your energy on treatment or rehabilitation.

A Friendly Approach

It’s important to feel comfortable with your care team so you can work together to produce the best health outcomes. Each skilled nurse is well-versed in building quality relationships that support the caregiver-patient dynamic. You’ll always be welcomed with a smile and genuine interest in your well-being.

Convenience and Consistency

You can lead a healthier, more independent life when you receive top-rated skilled nursing services in the comfort of your home. Working with Ohioans means you’ll never have to worry if you’ll receive care or support on time. Timeliness and consistency are built into the bones of our team.

Expertly Trained Staff

You will work with a team that’s trained in patient-centric service. Our nurses can address a variety of clinical needs and must maintain specific certifications to hone their skills. They also complete competency evaluations for safety, clinical practices and compliance.

Home Healthcare FAQs

You might require home healthcare if you live with significant or chronic medical concerns that require consistent treatment. You also qualify for home healthcare if you’re recovering from a hospital stay or need rehabilitation. This type of care is beneficial if you struggle to complete activities of daily living due to health concerns.

Depending on your insurance policy, home healthcare services may be partially or fully covered by private insurance. Medicare also covers the cost of services when prescribed by a physician. Medicaid coverage for in-home care varies by state.

No. Home healthcare is available to people of all ages.

That depends on your medical needs and physician’s orders. A chronic health condition may require long-term care. Conversely, short-term services are suitable if you’re recovering from surgery, hospital stay or illness.

Support from your family and friends is essential for successful clinical outcomes. Our staff works with your loved ones and educates them on proper care between visits. Ohioans nurses also answer questions and provide resources to help your family and friends learn more about at-home care.

Ohioans Home Healthcare and Hospice is dedicated to providing the residents of northern Ohio and southern Michigan with quality home healthcare services. Call 855-600-0806 or contact us online to learn more about our services.